KITAKO - MT4-200 Specifications
Max turning Dia ø 200mm(7.8in.) x 100mm(4in.L)
Spindle nose ASA A²-6
Spindle speed range A:30 to 3000 min-¹
B:40 to 4000 min-¹
C:Maximum 4000 min-¹
Spindle carrier index (speed) 90 degrees per 2.0 sec.
180 degrees per 2.5 sec.
X-axis stroke 160mm (6.30in.)
Z-axis stroke 250mm (9.84in.)
Rapid speed (X/Z) 12,000/20,000mm/min. (39.37/65.62ft/min.)
Main motor AC 11/15kW (cont./30min.) x 2
Turret 8st. drum x 2
Machine weight 7,500kg (16.500 lbs)
Power source 60kVA
  • 8inch Hyd. chuck x 4
  • Splash guard
  • Coolant system
  • Chuck air blow equipment
  • Chip-conveyor with coolant tank (tank capacity 230 liter)
  • Lub. pressure and level check system
  • Hyd. pressure check system
  • Alarm messages (CRT)
  • Messages for operator (CRT)
  • Maintenance counter (PMC)
  • Tool counter (PMC)
  • Production counter
  • User parameters (PMC)
  • Set-up, maintenance tools
  • Spindle orientation (loading position, within ± 1.5 degree)
  • High pressure coolant system
  • Chuck pressure Hi-Lo change system
  • Loading/unloading equipment
  • Measuring equipment (post-process type)
  • Set-up, maintenance tools
Interpolation Linear, circular
Controlled Axes 2 axes(X/Z) x 2
Simultaneous controlled axes 2 axes x 2
Least input increment 0.001mm (0.0001 in.)
Least command increment X:0.0005mm/p, Z:0.001mm/p
(X:0.00002in./p, Z:0.00004in./p)
Max. program dimension ± 99999.999mm (±3937.0078in.)
Feed command/rev. 0.01 to 500.00mm/rev. (0.0001 to 50.000in./rev.)
Thread read command /F4 0.01 to 500.00mm (0.0001 to 50.000in.)
Least manual feed 0.01 to 0.001mm (0.0001in.)
Tool offset value ± 999.99mm(16set) (±99.9999in.)
Backlash compensation X:0.0005 to 0.1275mm Z:0.001 to 0.255mm
Other standard functions
  • Machine lock
  • Block delete
  • Error detect
  • Constant surface speed control
  • Incremental tool offset
  • Decimal point programming
  • Incremental feed
  • Reference point return
  • Chamfering/corner rounding
  • Tool wear and geometry offset
  • PMC diagram display
  • Canned cycles G90/92/94
  • CRT character display
  • Memory and edit 20m x 2
  • Sequence number search
  • Program number search
  • Spindle offset
  • Single block
  • Dry run
  • Chamfering
  • Tape punch interface (RS232C)
  • Additional memory 40/80/160/320/640/1,280m
  • Tool life management
  • Multiple repetitive cycles G70 to G76
  • Stored stroke limit
  • Run hour display *Please refer to FANUC brochure

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice and without any obligation on the part of the manufacturer.