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Robert J. Sarna, President and CEO of Pride Machinery, Inc. provides the overall direction and inspiration for all industrial networking, management coordination and financial organization for Pride.


Sarna has a history of building successful companies from the ground up for employers as well as for himself. With over 47 years experience in screw machine technology and rebuilding, he has structured the foundation of Pride Machinery. Mr. Sarna has gained invaluable experience dealing with top management of many Fortune 500 companies as well as working with National Acme as an Assembler, Service Engineer, Service Manager and Supervisor in Top Management.


In 1981, Sarna formed Pride Machinery, Inc. Pride, a high-tech rebuilding firm specializing in Acme Gridley's and CNC retrofit has dealt with such major corporations as Schlage Lock, Primex (formerly Aerojet-General), Honeywell, Fairchild, Brass Craft, Huck Fastener, New Hampshire Ball Bearing, Cerro Brass, Alcoa, ATK, Bernzomatic and Lisi.


In late 1990 under Sarna's Leadership, Pride's sales organization was restructured to aggressively pursue the rights to represent the best and most sought after screw machine replacement parts and tooling in the industry. This has resulted in record sales on the West Coast as well as emergency sales to the later time zones to the East giving our vendors an extra 3 hour sales window.


Pride Machinery now offers the Shimada CNC multi spindle Turning Machines. This complete line provides a superb platform for the quick production of the full diversity of high volume parts with exacting accuracies and requires minimal set-up times.


CNC Slides simplify complicated contouring, single point threading or other highly-precise operations. The Spindle Bearing ID at 70mm (2¾) is the largest in it's class providing a robust support for the toughest of metal being cut. Perfect for the ever-changing Aero-Space Industry.


Each machine is equipped with the latest Fanuc Control and drives along with a standard automatic bar loader.


Shimada has built more then 4,000 CNC automatic screw machines, in fact they were the first company in the world to develop the CNC multi spindle Chucker.





Sarna has high aspirations for this part and tooling venture, "I see a new and important service to our customers here. The West Coast has never had the ONE STOP selection for all phases of Screw Machine needs and we are proud to be the first. We at Pride Machinery are not just 'order takers', our knowledgeable sales and service personnel constantly visit customers and help them to become as efficient and competitive as possible".



Companies Pride represents...


CNC multi-spindle bar and chucking machines


CNC 4 spindle chucking machines up to 550 mm

Ram 2000

CNC Brown & Sharp conversion


Cam & CNC multi-spindle machinery


Parts Cleaning Technology

Noise Tamer

Environmental Enclosure Solutions
for your machinery

Peterson Tools

Finest insert tooling in the world


Working Holding Products, collets,
feed fingers


Cutting tool blanks


Cutting Tools




Pacific Coast Machinery Dealers Association

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